Compare 8 Patreon Alternatives & Competitors for 2023

Are you looking for a crowdfunding platform or membership site similar to Patreon? See our list of Patreon alternatives.

Patreon, a membership platform popular with content creators, allows them to receive donations from their subscribers and fans in exchange for exclusive content.

Some users have turned to alternatives because of censorship issues and rising fees. There are many great alternatives.

We’ll compare the top Patreon alternatives available on the market today. We’ll examine their main features, talk about how they differ from Patreon, and more.


The number one alternative to Patreon is. Podia, unlike Patreon, is a platform you can use to create your website and sell subscriptions and other digital products with zero transaction fees.

You have no control over your revenue, and you don’t own it. You’re also subjected to Patreon transaction fees.

Podia is the better option. Podia allows you to build a community and sell memberships through a website you own.

Podia is similar to Patreon in that you can host gated content for members only and sell paid memberships directly to your fans.

You’ll be able to set up your membership site exactly how you like it. You can create unlimited free and paid plans, each with its rewards.

You get to keep all of your revenue because you are the owner of your community platform and membership. You don’t have to worry about transaction fees as long as you choose a paid plan.

Multimedia discussions allow you to interact directly with your audience. Members can upload all comments, including images, videos, and text.

You can sell digital products like digital downloads and online courses on Podia in addition to memberships.


Selfy offers a simple and easy-to-use ecommerce platform for creators. This is another option for creators who want to build their community and collect donations through their website instead of using a third-party platform.

Sellfy allows you to create a beautiful online storefront in just 5 minutes. You can then customize it to suit your brand and link it to your domain.

You can then create digital subscriptions and give your fans exclusive content or other goodies in exchange for weekly or monthly payments.

Sellfy allows you to sell more than just subscriptions. You can also sell physical and digital goods, video streaming, and print-on-demand products.

Print-on-demand is a great feature for creators, as it allows you to sell your custom-branded merchandise to your fans easily. You can upload your designs and then add the products to your store.

No stock is required upfront. Sellfy prints the order, delivers it to the client, and then charges you the base cost and fulfillment. You set profit margins.

Buy Me A Coffee

Purchase Me A Coffee offers the easiest platform to collect donations for creators. It is incredibly simple to use, and unlike Patreon, you can accept monthly grants and one-off donations.

Buy Me a Coffee’s premise is incredibly simple. Create a page for your subdomain., and your audience can visit it and buy you a coffee (donate) to say thanks for creating great content in a couple of clicks.

You can respond to their message and express your gratitude. Your supporters do not need to sign up for Patreon to purchase coffee from you. They can choose the number of coffees they want to buy (how much money to donate) and pay in one click.

You can also offer something back if that’s what you prefer. You can create membership options and provide exclusive content to your supporters. You can use the Extras feature to sell digital items, such as ebooks, access to Discord, Zoom calls, etc.

All payment methods, such as credit cards, Apple Pay Goo, glue Pay, PayPal, etc., are accepted. When someone donates to you, you’ll get paid immediately. No more waiting for 30 days!

Buy Me a Coffee allows you to donate for free, but a platform fee of 5% is deducted from your earnings. You keep 95%. This plan is similar to PayPal’s Lite Plan, but it’s cheaper than the Pro & Premium Plans.

Fun Fact: Buy Me a Coffee is the platform we use for donations. Our creator’s page can be found here. If you enjoy the content that we produce here at Blogging Wizard and would like to support us by buying us coffee, it is always greatly appreciated.


The crowdfunding platform Ko-fi works similarly to Buy Me A Coffee. It can be used as a tip jar or as a platform for membership. The company does not charge for donations/sales, but it assesses the premium features that Buy Me A Coffee users get for free.

You can accept memberships and donations from your fans using Ko-fi, just like Patreon. Create a Kofi page in less than a minute. Set a fundraising goal and ask your audience to support you in reaching it. You can also offer incentives such as exclusive content for supporters and membership benefits to encourage people to donate.

You can get alerts for donations as you stream. It works well with Discord and WordPress.

The interface looks very similar to Buy Me a Coffee. Ko-fi is one of only a few platforms that are truly free. The free plan has no signup fee and doesn’t take any cut of your earnings.

The free plan does not include any premium features, such as memberships or the capability to sell physical and digital products via your online store.


The most popular crowdfunding platform is Kickstarter. This is a great alternative to Patreoonly, a few truly free platformsa single creative project. However, it does not support memberships, so it is not suitable for collecting regular donations.

Kickstarter is a bit different from Patreon. The platform is designed for artists who need to fund an occasional project.

You outline your project, the funding goal, and the timeframe to achieve it (e.g., Within 60 days).

Your fans can donate money to bring your project to life if they like it. Your supporters will not be charged until your project has reached the funding goal. If you do not get your funding target within the time frame specified, you will not be charged. You also won’t receive any of your donations. It’s all-or-nothing.

Kickstarter is different from Patreon in that it takes crowdfunders very seriously. Anyone can’t sign up. If your campaign is successful and accepted, you can raise large sums of cash.

Kickstarter charges 5% in platform fees. This is the same as Patreon but less expensive than other plans.

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