Why should you use Astra for WooCommerce? Theme settings explained

Looking for the best WordPress theme to use for your eCommerce site? Astra is the best choice for WooCommerce! I will explain why you should use this theme and how to set it up.

It’s important to choose the best WooCommerce theme. Your business is entirely dependent on your customers. You should create a WordPress theme that’s well-designed and highly customizable.

Google will give you many choices when searching for a WordPress theme. Which one should you choose? What should you expect when it comes to themes for eCommerce websites? This article will introduce you to the best WooCommerce theme on the market, Astra.

I will also show you how Astra can help WooCommerce boost conversion rates. Before we go any further, let’s take a look at what you should be looking for in a WooCommerce Theme. Let’s get started!

What Should I look for in a WooCommerce theme?

Look for these features before choosing a WordPress Theme for your online shop:

Performance: Because speed is an important factor in determining the conversion rate of your WooCommerce shop, select a WordPress theme that’s optimized for performance.

Security Updates and Updates: Authors of themes must regularly release security patches and updates. This will help stores avoid vulnerabilities and similar threats.

Customization: Page Builder-friendly themes can help you create customized designs without hassle. This feature is crucial when creating custom landing pages.

Pricing: The theme should be affordable. It is not wise to spend hundreds of dollars on a theme every month. So, choosing a theme that’s affordable/budget-friendly will always help.

Support by the author: Need assistance with theme or customizations? Contact the support team. Contact the support team.

Compatibility – Check that the theme you are using is compatible with any plugins. You can run your online store more smoothly.

You now know what you should look for when choosing a WooCommerce Theme. Let’s now see how Astra can be an excellent addition to your WooCommerce store.

Faster than Competitors

If you run a WooCommerce shop, make sure that your website loads quickly for customers. You may lose revenue, customers, and conversions if your website is slow to load.

Your WordPress theme can also impact the speed of your website.

Astra performed better in our tests than many WooCommerce-oriented WordPress Themes. The speed test results are below:

Astra is a great option for WooCommerce, as it will not affect the performance and speed of your store.

Codeless Customization

Astra pro WooCommerce’s default configurations are very basic. If you want your store to be unique, create a custom design.

It is usually expensive to create custom landing pages because you have to hire a WordPress programmer or use a page creator.

Astra can then be configured to your liking without having to touch a line of code.

The theme panel will show you the modules after activating Astra’s premium version.

The feature can be turned on/off according to your preferences. Open the WordPress customizer after allowing all the modules that you require.

You can see all the customization options.

In this example, I’ll tweak the Breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are a useful feature if you have a lot of WooCommerce items listed.

To do this, you will need to open the breadcrumb customizer.

The next page allows you to change the options.

You can easily customize your Astra-powered website. Try to customize your website, as I said.

Secure Code

People will attempt to hack websites since WordPress powers 43% worldwide. This can be an issue for a business that is customer-focused, such as a WooCommerce shop.

Astra’s code is secure, and I can rest easy knowing that. The developers will constantly update the code with the latest security features and bug fixes.

Infinite Scroll

It’s not possible to add a page navigator at the bottom of your WooCommerce shop page if you have a large number of products. Customers will get annoyed if they have to click on the next page each time they want to find a particular product.

You could use the infinite scrolling feature to solve this problem. So the user doesn’t have to worry about pagination. As the user scrolls, every product will be loaded automatically.

Product Grid Setting

Select how many products you want to see on the shopping cart page.

If you have multiple products to select, a larger number is better. Always check your shop’s archive after changing this option. It is time to adjust the number if it affects user experience.

Off-Canvas Sidebar

The filtering option could be displayed in the sidebar off-canvas in a variety of situations. The customer will be able to use the filtering feature with no hassle.

Use your website space wisely as a website owner. For this feature to work, you must enable the Astra Woocommerce Filter option.

That’s it! Now, the theme will display the filtering options on the side of the archive.

The sidebar for the off-canvas style will appear when you click it. It contains all the filter options.

Quick View

Do you want to include a feature that allows customers to view products without having to go to each product’s page? This is possible with the quick view feature.

You can enable the quick view feature in the Astra theme WooCommerce Settings. Once the Quick View feature is enabled, your customers will be able to view products in a popup without having to visit individual pages.

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