Trending Products to Sell in 2022

Some people argue that you should not sell the same products that others are selling. This is not true; I can tell you from personal experience. This is why: People visited and made repeat purchases when I added popular products to my store. It was all because I listed the most popular and exciting items. I concluded that we could make money quickly if we initially caught a wave.

A third advantage is the availability of popular products. In addition to rising stars like DSers on platforms such as wholesale markets, you can find a wide selection of trending items on Handshake.

Don’t limit yourself by thinking you cannot profit from trending products. Customers are willing to spend a lot of money on hot new products to be the first ones to use them. To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the most popular products to sell by 2022.

Products in high demand now that will be in tall order in 2022

We’ve got the latest information on what’s hot. This list includes items that are gaining popularity around the globe.

Trending Hair Products 2022

Laser hair removal women can find hair removal a frustrating problem. When women shave their hair, it will grow back within a few days. If they wax it, it will show up again within a month. This product is in demand because it solves a problem that has existed for ages. It’s easy to create a shop around it.

Dropshipping DSers allows you to launch a haircare store and try out new products. According to Google Trends, the number of searches for hair removal has been steadily increasing. This is one of the products that will stay in style for a while.

You can create a store centered on the problem and then offer a solution. Make video ads that show how your product can solve the problem. You can also reach out to Instagram influencers and ask them to promote your product. Do both.

Head scarves

In the last few months, categories for head scarves have appeared on popular fashion sites like ASOS.

The summer is when this product is most popular, as women tend to wear their hair up. It’s been a trend that has exploded in recent years.

This product is in high demand and a must for your store. Creating a collection of styles for your women’s clothing or accessories store is worth making.

There are many ways to promote scarves.

You can use a blog or video to show how people can wear your scarf. This will encourage them to buy it to achieve the same look. You can also create Facebook ads to promote your scarf.

Influencers can be asked to share photos of your scarf with their followers, tagging your page. Hashtags will also help you increase your store’s visibility and bring your scarves to relevant audiences.

You can make your product viral by using social media. This is because selling trending products such as these depends on impulse purchases.

Detangling hair brushes

Instagram is flooded with detangler brushes. These brushes reduce the pressure on the scalp and hair to prevent hair loss.

The search volume for this trending product began to increase again after a slight dip in the following months.

These types of products are best marketed through video. You can work with an influencer and record videos of the person using the hairbrush. Then you can use these videos for your campaign.

Video is the best way to show how the product maintains tangle-free hair. This will help customers to understand that the product is not just a hairbrush but has a unique value proposition. Customers are more likely to purchase.

Hair wigs

Hair extensions and wigs are among the most popular products sold online.

Many suppliers who dropship these products have thousands of orders.

Google Trends reveals that the number of searches related to hair wigs is increasing. Shopify does not allow the sale of human hair. Artificial hair is permitted in your store.

YouTube is a great place to create hair tutorials and market these products. Influencers can be used to promote your brand by displaying their hair extensions.


Simple hairstyles can be given a new look using Barrettes. Fashion icons such as Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner have taken the ’90s hairstyle trend to the red carpet.

As women worldwide strive to be stylish, it is expected that in 2022, neon barrettes in jelly finish and hair clips with rhinestones engraved on them will have a big moment.

Google Trends data shows that barrettes are trending and back in style, as searches for this product have increased over the last few years.

Influencers can help you promote this product. You can easily arrange for samples of barrettes, as they are light and inexpensive. Influencers can then share your creation with their audience and review it. This will help you attract more attention to your offering.

Straight-leg jeans

Straight-leg jeans will be a massive hit in the spring and summer of 2022.

Fans will love the cropped varieties and raw hems. You can sell boyfriend jeans, of course.

Google Trends indicates this product is still trending, so now is the perfect time to get on board. Take advantage of the growing demand for this product over the next few seasons.

You can use the same marketing strategy for other fashion products. You can use Facebook ads, influencers, social media posts, or even try Pinterest.

Burst has a wide range of denim photos you can use on your website.


Google Trends shows a drop in swimsuit sales, but certain styles are gaining popularity on online retailers. According to Lyst’s fashion-conscious report, high-waisted bottoms for bikinis are popular among millennial women. Sustainable swimwear, on the other hand, is an ever-growing category. These swimwear items can bring customers to your shop.

You might not want to create a swimsuit shop, but you could test it as a collection in a boutique online, a general retailer, or an accessory store to build up a business.

Influencer Marketing can be a great way to market your swimsuits. Influencers can help you get high-quality lifestyle photos for your swimwear, which you can use in ads and other marketing materials. Influencers can also share your post with their audiences, which could result in sales.

You can also advertise these products on Facebook or Instagram to make your first sale online faster.

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