Find the best brand names with 28 free business name generators.

Starting your business takes work. Finding a memorable name for your brand, with a good backstory and an URL, is not easy. It can be frustrating to spend hours thinking of a good reputation for your business only to discover that it has already taken or has a pricey domain.

You do not have to spend much time brainstorming business names. A business name generator can help you create a brand name with an available domain. Here is a list of 28 excellent name generators online that you can use to create brand names.


Shopify can help you come up with unique ideas for brand names. The tool’s business name generator will give you hundreds of options. Shopify shows only business names with domains available, making it easier to create an online presence.

After selecting the perfect business name, you can sign up for Shopify and launch your first Shopify Store efficiently. Shopify’s ecommerce tools will allow you to launch your first ecommerce store immediately.


Anadea’s business name generator makes it easy to find a name for your business. Enter a keyword related to your business’s core idea and click “Generate Names” to get a list of pages of unique characters. You can browse the list of options to find your ideal business name and register it with extension. It can generate business names that are available for domain registration. This is one less thing you must worry about if you start your own business.

Enter variations of words in the search bar to get the best results. If you do not like the results for a term such as “clothes,” you can try again by narrowing your search to more relevant terms for your business or how you would like to present your company. You could search for “vintage clothing” or “plus size clothes.” The Anadea Brand Name Generator is easy to use, and it’s free.


WebHostingGeeks has a simple-to-use company name generator. You’re asked to input the keywords that describe your business best, the type of domain name you are looking for (.com, as well as where you would like the keywords to appear (at the beginning, middle, or end). The generator will create a list of targeted business names based on your answers to these questions.

This company name generator has a great feature: it displays the availability of Twitter accounts and domains for each name. The tool will check for the availability of these features and show the results on the screen. The generator also provides a list of domain registrars that you can use. It’s an excellent tool for finding brand names available on social media and domains.


NameSnack, a popular and simple-to-use business name generator, is ideal for finding an original company name. It uses artificial intelligence to dig deep into your selected industry to uncover unique names you had not thought of.

Enter a keyword that represents your industry, and then browse through the list of business names. The generator will show you if is available for your chosen words. NameSnack also helps you design a logo for your website to help visualize the new name.


Wordlab’s Business Name Generator is less specific than others in this list. The generator offers over seven million names, but they need to be listed for you to select from. You have to search through them yourself. You can click “Get Name!” to find unique ideas for company names.

Wordlab offers many other name generators. You can also use a name builder to complement the ideas that you already have. This generator has over 340,000 options, including influential, unique names that can help build brand awareness in your company.


FreshBooks has a company name generator that is entirely interactive. Clicking “Let’s Get Started!” prompts you to choose your industry. You can select from creatives and marketing services, legal services and consulting, home and trade services, and information technology. After selecting your drive, you will be able to add keywords.

You can get more suggestions by clicking “Show me More Names.” After you choose a brand you like, the name will appear in a bright rectangle on a new webpage.


Getsocio’s brand name creator allows you to enter a keyword you want to use in your domain. The tool will suggest thousands of domain names. It can generate clever names based on keywords. It can even create words based on unfamiliar phrases.

The only downside is that the domain ends instead of After selecting a domain name, you must fill in your name, password, and email address. This will allow you to create an ecommerce shop with this incredible name generator.


Brandroot is an innovative business name generator that generates creative names. The domain name is registered under extension. Each name listed is hand-picked and then offered for sale at an affordable price with a professional brand and logo. Search by keyword or category for a brand that fits your niche.

Some names are more expensive than others. Select your preferred price to prevent being shown names that are outside of your budget. You can also purchase the logo design with a particular brand name.

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