The average income for a full-time worker in the US is $45,000. You may need more or less income than the average to live comfortably. Assess your needs first before deciding how much you can earn.

It is easier to build an income when you are focused on a goal and have the discipline of saving during good times so that the bad times don’t hit you as hard.

Employees are being laid off left and right due to the pandemic and the resulting failing economy. You may not have the skills necessary to enter or stay in full-time employment if you’ve been displaced due to the current economic climate.

Like most employees, you may be looking for at-home earning opportunities if you’re trying to avoid contracting COVID-19.

It’s good to know that you don’t need experience to have skills. Here are ten ways you can earn a total time income online, even if you don’t have any experience.

Online Teachers

It is a very lucrative business right now, as everyone, from children in school to adults of any age, is learning online. You can find students to pay for your services online, whether you teach kindergarten, business, or IT skills.

You can use well-known platforms such as Zoom to teach individuals or groups or create your website using the appropriate infrastructure. You can turn traditional face-to-face classes into online courses that you can deliver without leaving home. You can also try teaching music, yoga, or fitness online.

Manage Online Things for Busy People

Virtual assistants are a godsend to busy business owners, executives, and others who work more than hours in the day. Virtual assistants manage an active client’s schedule. They read, reply to, and prioritize emails. They make appointments for medical, hotel, restaurant, and other services.

You can become a VA without much experience if you organize and manage tasks well. You only need a website, channels on social media, a workspace online, and patience.

If you are an expert in any field, become a consultant

Many people seek guidance in business and life. You can charge a fee for your expertise if you can sell it online. Sites such as allows you to create a profile online and sell your niche expertise.

Start by sharing your expertise with your audience on platforms such as Medium. In the author’s description, mention that you’re available for consultation. Over time, you will be contacted by people and businesses who require your help. Do not think that you are too small to be consulted. You will be surprised by the services people are willing and able to pay for.

Create an Evergreen Pre-Recorded Webinar

You can create a website that allows you to earn money by teaching a subject you know about but have no experience in. Please find out how popular your topic is, and then choose a website to host it. You can record it at home and then sell it repeatedly.

A sales webinar does not need to be live. Pre-recorded webcasts are a great way to educate people about important topics as long as they remain relevant and up-to-date. You can save hosting fees by selling your webinar directly on your site. Pre-recorded webcasts are also a great way to generate passive income as you explore other income-generating online ideas.

Read and Research Online

You can earn a living online by researching for others if you have a lot of patience and are detail-oriented. You can use your analytical skills as an online researcher to find and search for information about specific topics on behalf of your clients. You only need a website that will attract clients, and you should be familiar with how online searches operate to get started. You can specialize in anything from legal to gaming or biblical research. You can choose from these topics or create your own, even without experience.

Online Niche Products: Buy and Sell

Check online for drop shipping opportunities. You are the middleman in a dropshipping business. You don’t have to set up a store or interact with customers in person. Also, you don’t have to worry about product management, inventory, or physical stock.

You can either specialize in a specific product category and open a particular shop or run an online general merchandise shop. You can manage a store using nothing but your computer and some online marketing strategies. You can sell and buy online and earn a profit without leaving your home. You can build a Shopify store to create your storefront.

Flip things at home and sell them online

Most people think of real estate when they hear the word flipping. Flipping is so much more. You can search online marketing sites or thrift shops for damaged or old items you can repair and sell for profit online. You can also buy and sell lots of things from online auction websites and break them down into singles or bundles for sale.

Flipping electronics, jewelry, or vintage items is a great way to make money. Flipping online doesn’t always mean buying and reselling products. Converting online can include converting domains, entire websites, or ecommerce websites.

Custom Products for Sale Online

Platforms such as Shopify and Etsy simplify selling handcrafted, custom items online. Makers sell everything from jewelry to custom clothing to hand-forged cutting boards. You can sell digital products that are customized on these websites. Selling digital downloads online is similar to drop shipping because you don’t need to keep stock or inventory. Create custom digital invitations or similar items. Create it, customize it once, and let your client print it at home. You only need a computer, an online graphics tool, and your creative mind to get started.

Manage busy social media channels

Social media is a part of every business, no matter the size. All companies have multiple social media channels, as different members of the target audiences use other platforms. You can start as a Social Media Manager for a company that needs social media but lacks the time to develop a large following.

You can easily manage social media channels for different clients if you own a smartphone or laptop. Online scheduling apps and schedulers allow you to schedule content and distribute it regularly without spending all your time on social media channels. If you offer customer service, responding to questions and handling complaints may be necessary.

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