Compare the Best Print-on-Demand Companies in Canada (2019)

Not all print-on-demand companies have fulfillment centers located in Canada. Domestic production and shipping mean faster delivery and lower costs.

This post will only look at print-on-demand companies based in Canada or with printing facilities there. You can then be assured that you are getting the best shipping rates and fulfillment rates so you can launch your print-on-demand business quickly!


We chose Sellfy as the top choice for the best company to cater to the Canadian market. It is a complete ecommerce solution with print-on-demand functionality. You can use it to create your online store and sell print-on-demand products.

Sellfy, the only company on this list that is both a print-on-demand and ecommerce store building service, is unique.

Here’s how you can start your own Print-on-Demand business.

Sign up for a Sellfy free trial and create your online store. You can then use Sellfy’s built-in Print-on-Demand feature to upload your design to the products in its catalog.

Sellfy will print and ship your POD products for you when a customer orders one. If you have set up your account correctly, they will also take care of taxes and all other aspects of product fulfillment. Sellfy only charges you for the base cost of your product after the client makes a purchase. There are no upfront fees.

Allows you to set your profit margins by adding a certain amount to your base costs.

Sellfy offers a wide range of products. The POD catalog contains t-shirts and other products such as mugs, bags or phone cases, stickers, and posters. Many customization options are available. You may have the opportunity to customize your product with labels, graphics, or text. You can also choose color and size and add custom embroidery.

You’re also not restricted to POD. It’s your choice whether you sell physical or digital products. You have full control because you are selling your products through your store and not a third-party marketplace.

Selling through your store has the disadvantage that you can’t tap into an existing customer base (like you would if you sold through an online marketplace). You are responsible for driving your sales. Sellfy offers a variety of marketing tools to assist with this. These include email marketing, upsells, and other marketing features.

Sellfy partners with other companies to produce print-on-demand. These facilities are located in different parts of the world, including Toronto, Canada.

The location of the customer determines it. Sellfy selects the nearest partner for the fastest fulfillment if you are selling to Canadian customers.


You’ll need to connect Gelato to your website or store before you can use it. It is compatible with the most popular platforms, including WooCommerce and Shopify.

You can then import the custom products you created from Gelato’s Print-on-Demand catalog into your store to start selling. You only pay what you sell. They take care of the fulfillment.

Gelato is partnered with more than 100 fulfillment centers located in 30 countries, allowing them to fulfill 90% of their orders locally. The charges are printed at the closest center and then shipped to the customer. This ensures the fastest shipping possible for the lowest price.

Gelato is popular not only because of its fast shipping but also because it gets top marks for quality. Recently, I purchased some products from Gelato and was very impressed by the quality of the materials as well as the print.

There are many products available: apparel, drinkware, and calendars. Totes, bags, wall art, wallpaper, tote bags… whatever you want, they probably have it.

Gelato’s free plan allows anyone to sell. You won’t be charged a monthly subscription fee, so you only pay for product and fulfillment when you sell. There are also no minimum order amounts.


The printer offers services for on-demand printing of products and fulfillment. This is a good option for Canadian artists and companies who have an online store.

Printful can be connected to your online store with just a few mouse clicks. It integrates natively with WooCommerce and Shopify.

You can then use the Design Maker, which is built into Printful, to create your designs and upload them onto your products. Then, add them to the store. You can sell a wide range of products with Printful. These include apparel like t-shirts, joggers, and bags, as well as tech accessories, wall decor, pillows, and more.

Printful receives your orders and automatically sends them to Printful. They take care of the printing, packaging, and shipping, and then you are charged for the product.

Printful has a global network of fulfillment centers that includes at least one in Canada. Printful is the owner of all fulfillment centers. It does not outsource any printing to third parties.

Printful offers a white-label service that allows you to brand your product packaging, including the inside labels.


Printerify connects with your existing store. It has fulfillment centers in Canada and around the globe.

Printify is a print-on-demand company that ranks alongside Printful. Printify offers lower printing costs than Printful.

Printify has a global network of third-party printers, including Canadian local print providers. Printful owns these facilities, but Printify does not. The quality of the printing can vary greatly depending on which provider is used.

Printify can also offer lower printing costs because of this. Printify’s network is a competitive one, so all the service providers are competing for your business.

Printify is easy to integrate with your website via apps and plugins. You can then customize the products from Printify’s catalog and begin selling. After you’ve made a sale, fulfillment will be charged.


The largest print-on-demand marketplace in the World is Redbubble. Every month, 34 million people shop there to purchase t-shirts and drinkware as well as homewares, accessories, and products created by independent artists.

Redbubble differs from other print-on-demand companies that we have looked at in the sense that you cannot sell products from your store.

It allows you to open an online shop and sell your designs directly to RedbuRedbubble’sting customers.

This has both advantages and disadvantages. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time driving traffic to your shop if you sell on marketplaces. Redbubble receives millions of visitors each day. Many of them will discover your products by themselves as they browse the marketplace.

It’s It’s easy to sell on marketplaces. It’s Necessary to create your shop from scratch. Create a store, add your designs to the products, and watch the sales roll in.

Redbubble will handle the fulfillment of your orders. Printify uses a global network of third-party printing providers, including those in Canada.

Most orders are shipped and produced from the same location as the address. Some products come exclusively from US-based printers.

RedbuRedbubble’s biggest drawback is that it limits your ability to control the look and feel of your shop. It can also be difficult to create your brand, as profit margins are lower. Redbubble is a very competitive marketplace, and it’s it’s to stand out.

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