Best products to sell online in 2023, according to data

We scoured top online marketplaces to answer this question and analyzed data from several tools.

This post will help you to determine which products are best for online sales. Which marketplaces should you sell them on?

Let’s start by talking about the information you will find below.

Data on the best products to sell online

You’ll see below a list of over 25 products that sell well on the internet, as well as some data from online marketplaces Amazon and eBay.

Three of the most popular shopping carts on the Web all come with built-in marketplaces.

You are not selling directly through your website but as one of the many sellers using this platform.

Etsy is the place to sell handcrafted products, while Amazon focuses on selling new or used manufactured goods.

Amazon has even created its Etsy-like competitor, Amazon Homemade. It is a premium version of Amazon’s Seller Service.

eBay has a diverse seller base and a wide range of inventory.

eBay is a more competitive platform than Amazon, even though Amazon has more traffic.

How did we find the data?

It takes some legwork to find these products.

You can’t just find the most popular products on the Web. You’ll need to collect data that shows consumer interest in each product.

Google Trends- A free tool that shows how many times a certain topic has been searched on Google in a given period.

Google Shopping was the main source of data. This identifies the search data in terms of consumer interests and not general interests.

When you search for a term in Google, you will find many different results.

Other results may be local businesses and articles related to the search term. Some will be local businesses or articles relevant to your search term.

If you click on the Shopping tab in Google, only products that are related to your query will be displayed.

Data from each marketplace- You can easily get the data by entering a keyword as a search in each marketplace’s box and then recording how many results are returned.

This tool shows the search volume for Etsy items.

Ohrefs – Ahrefs is a premium tool for keyword research and backlinks, but the free tools it offers are equally useful. One for Amazon reveals data on search volumes for keywords.

Zik Analytics- A simple tool that reveals data on the sell-through rates for eBay products.

The list is arranged in a certain way.

How do you decide what products to display and in what order?

It’s not easy to compare three marketplaces, as the products are different on each.

Consumer interest and competition are the two main factors.

Google Trends data, along with search volume and sales-through rate data, is used to determine consumer interests.

The number of listings that each product returns tells you how competitive each product is on a particular platform.

Fewer listings mean less competition.

The products are listed in order of consumer interest and then by competition.

Number Of Listings

For quite some time, books have been the most popular products sold online.

Amazon began as a marketplace for books in 1994 when Jeff Bezos created the online store.

Google Shopping has consistently seen a high level of interest in the search term “books.” This was true over 12 months. It dropped as low as 64 out of 100.

This interest has been maintained over five years.

Etsy is the best of these three marketplaces for selling books.

Etsy is less competitive than Amazon and eBay because it has fewer listings.

Etsy’s marketplace has a large search volume of 23,000 searches per month.

Bluetooth Speaker

It’s not surprising that Bluetooth speakers are so popular.

It was inevitable that many people would want to be able to listen to music loudly without the need for a headphone socket.

The interest in Bluetooth speakers has increased over the years and continues to be high from month to month.

You may be surprised to learn how much of this market has yet to be explored.

There is a lot of interest in these products on Amazon and eBay, but there are only a few listings. So there’s little competition.

Etsy is also a platform with little interest in Bluetooth speakers.

Wireless Charger

Consumers are interested in wireless charging of smart devices, just as they are with Bluetooth speakers.

Wireless chargers have become a very popular item to sell on the internet.

There are times when interest can fluctuate. Make sure that you have products available to fill in the gaps.

Which marketplace is the best for you? The type of wireless chargers you sell will determine the marketplace where you should go.

Amazon has the best selection of chargers that are manufactured in factories, while Etsy has a smaller market for chargers with unique handcrafted designs.

Keep in mind the search volume. Amazon has far more interest than Etsy in wireless chargers.

Wifi Extender

Wireless internet is essential for many smart devices. More and more homes are buying wifi routers and then wifi extenders.

As the name suggests, a wifi extender increases the range of the wifi connection in your home.

These products have grown in popularity during the past few years and are a great choice for electronic ecommerce shops.

Amazon is the best place to sell wifi extenders, but eBay makes a good choice, too.

There are only 11,000 listings for this type of product on eBay.

Nail Polish

Nail polish has been a makeup trend for about a decade and continues to be popular.

Nail polish can be manufactured and hand-mixed, so almost anyone can enter this market.

Google Shopping has enough interest to make it worthwhile for you to sell nail polish through your website. But there is also interest in our three marketplaces.

Amazon is the best option for this type of product. It has a great mix of competition and interest.

There is a lot of interest in it and little competition.

Etsy, as always, is the best place to find handmade products, such as nail polish, that you make yourself.

Car Phone Holder

Alongside smartphones, car phone holders have also become popular.

Many consumers have replaced their GPS systems, car radios, and phones with these devices. A safe way to set up the phone in a vehicle has, therefore, become necessary.

Since 2015, interest in these products has been steady.

They’re now one of the most popular products.

If you’re looking for a marketplace to sell your product, then Amazon or eBay are better options.

Amazon, however, has fewer listings.


The rise and popularity of smartphones have led to a decline in the use of computers.

There is still a great deal of interest from consumers in computers, particularly when they are marketed on the correct platforms.

If you only rely on Google Shopping’s data from Google Trends, you will see a massive drop in interest in computers after February 20th, 2022.

This is despite the fact that computers have maintained and even increased in popularity in recent years.

If we change the data to show Google Search results instead, then we can see that computer interest is not going anywhere.

Amazon and eBay data provide more evidence.

There is not as much competition in these markets as you might think.

Beach Towel

As you can imagine, beach towels are popular online only in the spring and summer.

Even though many beaches were closed in 2020 due to the pandemic, interest in beach towels did not waver.

Google Shopping is showing a lot of interest in beach towels, so you might find it easy to sell them on your website.

This market is divided into two parts depending on the place you buy: small businesses that are usually run by one or a couple of people and large factories that produce towels on a mass scale.

Etsy has a great selection of towels that can be customized. You’ll need to research the market for beach towels on Etsy, as there is a lot of competition.

Amazon is a good option if you are only selling towels and not manufacturing them. There is a lot of interest but a small number of listings.

Another option is eBay, although its sell-through rates are lower.

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