Amazon’s Top 21 Statistics for 2023 (Revenues, Market Share, and More)

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and host of one of its leading online marketplaces.

Amazon offers many other services and products, including Amazon Prime and Amazon Business.

This post contains the most recent Amazon statistics, including revenue, market share, and more.

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We’ve selected the five most important Amazon statistics for you:

The official Amazon website receives 2.3 billion monthly visits. (Similarweb)

Amazon’s revenue in 2022 was $434 billion. (Amazon’s CEO’s annual letter to shareholders)

Amazon holds a 37.8% share of the US ecommerce market. (Statista)

Amazon Prime has more than 200 million customers. (Amazon CEO’s Letter to Shareholders in 2021)

Amazon Shopping, the main Amazon Shopping App, ranks 22 on the App Store. App Store ranks Amazon’s primary app, Amazon Shopping, at No. (App Store1) averages 2.3 billion monthly visits

According to Similarweb, averaged 2.3 billion monthly visits over three months.

The average visitor spends seven minutes and 10 seconds on a site and visits 9.3 pages.

Amazon’s revenue in 2022 is $434 billion

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy published his annual letter to shareholders in April 2023. The retailer’s revenue in 2022 was $434 billion.

The revenue for 2019 was $245 billion, an increase of 77.14%.

This meant we had to substantially accelerate the building of a last-mile transportation network, which is now the size and scope of UPS…all within two years.

Source: Amazon’s CEO’s annual letter to shareholders

Amazon’s share of the market in the United States is 37.8%

Statista data shows that Amazon holds a 37.8% market share in the US e-commerce market.

This puts them far ahead of their competitors, Walmart and eBay, who have respective market shares of 6,3% and 3,5%.

Amazon is one of the world’s most popular online markets.

Amazon generated $513.98 Billion in Net Sales in 2022

Amazon’s 2022 annual financial report revealed that the retailer had generated net sales of $ 513.98 billion, or $513.98 million.

This represents a 9.4% rise from the net sales in 2021 of $469.822 million or $469.82 Billion.

The retailer broke down this figure into three business areas: North America (North America), international, and Amazon Web Services AWS).

Total $469,822 $513,983

Amazon further breaks down its net sales in the later part of the report.

The retailer said that $242.901 million or $242.9 billion of the net sales in 2022 were from product sales, while $271.082 million or $271.1 million came from service sales.

These numbers are broken down into categories.

Amazon is ranked No. The American Customer Satisfaction Index lists

Amazon is currently ranked No. 2 by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which gives it an index score of 84. The second place is taken by PetSmart’s pet retailer Chewy. It has an 85 rating.

In the United States, the average rating of online retailers is 80, and the overall rating is 73.6.

Amazon’s customer satisfaction is higher than average.

Amazon was rated 78 by the ACSI in 2022. This means that 84 represents a 7.69% improvement over 2022.

According to the ACSI website, it publishes benchmarks using “a science-based, proprietary method of analyzing customer satisfaction in 10 economic sectors, and more than 40 key industries, which together represent a wide swath the nation’s economy.”

Source: American Customer Satisfaction Index 1, American Customer Satisfaction Index 2,

Amazon will dispose of more than 6 million counterfeit items by 2022

Amazon stated in a report published by the news agency in April 2023 that one of its main goals is to improve customer satisfaction on and regional sites. This includes reducing the number of counterfeit goods sold on their platform.

In 2022, they used industry-leading technologies and hired counterfeiting experts in order to identify and seize six million counterfeit items that would have been sold by Amazon if not intercepted.

The company also stopped 800,000 suspects from opening new Amazon accounts.

This is a vast improvement over the numbers of 2021 and 2020, when there were 2,5 million and 6,000,000 attempts to create malicious seller accounts.

Amazon has around 500 listings of cat litter.

Cat litter is one of the most popular products on Amazon.

We did some research to find the most competitive and interesting products to sell on Amazon.

The platform had a cat litter search volume of 200,000, but there were only 500 listings.

It is a good candidate to sell as there is a lot of interest but not much competition.

Tablets, cat food, and posture correctors are also great products.

Amazon Prime has more than 200,000,000 subscribers

Andy Jassy, the new CEO of Amazon, wrote in his first annual shareholder letter that over 200 million Amazon Prime members are currently available.

This letter was published in April 2022.

Amazon Prime is available to 76.6 million American households.

Statista estimates that 76.6 million US households have Amazon Prime memberships.

The total number of Amazon Prime subscribers in the US has increased by 15.36% since 2019.

Amazon Prime Day Sales to Reach $12 Billion in 2022

Statista collected data that showed Amazon’s Prime Day event had global sales of $12 billion in 2022, which is a record.

Prime Day is a special Amazon event that offers discounts on a wide range of products from Amazon’s websites.

A subscription to Amazon Prime is required to take advantage of the special event prices.

Statista data revealed that during the 2022 event, small and medium-sized businesses sold on Amazon accounted for nearly $3 billion.

About a third (33%) of Amazon Prime members in the United States who purchased household items online during Prime Day did so.

28% of consumers purchased products from the beauty and health categories.

Prime Day 2022 saw Amazon Prime members purchase 300 million products.

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