Walmart 2023 Top Statistics

Walmart is the largest retailer in the United States. The statistics presented in this article show that they are also the world’s biggest retailer.

Walmart sells everything, from food to household goods, electronic products, clothing, jewelry, and children’s books.

They have a marketplace function in their ecommerce division, which allows them to remain competitive against Amazon and eBay.

We’ve compiled the most important Walmart statistics from various reports on the internet.

Walmart serves over 240 million customers each week

Walmart’s 2023 annual financial report, which details Walmart’s finances for its fiscal year that ended January 31, 2023, reveals the company serves over 240 million Walmart customers in more than 20 countries who shop online and in Walmart stores.

Walmart holds a 6.3% share of the retail e-commerce market in the United States.

Statista’s data shows that Walmart is in second place in the United States retail ecommerce market with a 6.3% share.

The market shares of Apple, eBay, and Home Depot are respectively 3.9%, 3.5%, and 2.1%.

In 2022, Walmart will have 10,623 stores in the world.

Walmart’s 2023 annual financial report states that there will be 10,623 Walmarts around the globe by the end of the fiscal year, which ends on January 31, 2023.

In 2022, there will be 5,317 Walmarts in the United States.

Walmart International stores will number 5,306 by 2022.

You can find them in Africa, Central America, and Canada, as well as China, India, China, and Africa.

Walmart is not available in Europe, Australia, or the Middle East.

A “Walmart Store” can be one of four types: a Walmart Supercenter (or a Walmart Discount store), a Walmart Neighborhood Market, or a Sam’s Club.

Below are some brief descriptions for each:

3,572 Locations in the United States The department store has a wide range of departments, including grocery, clothing and electronics, household items, a pharmacy, a garden center, an auto shop, and more.

364 Locations Ft.- Focused on rural areas, offering general merchandise.

781 Locations Ft.- Offers groceries and household essentials, as well as a pharmacy.

600 Locations – A member’s only wholesale store that sells grocery merchandise in bulk.

Texas is home to the most Walmart stores, with 601. The majority of states only have 220 Walmart locations.

Vermont is the state with the least number of Walmarts, only six.

Mexico is home to the most Walmart stores in the world, with 2,862. averages 382.1 million visits per month

According to data collected by Similarweb for three months, averages 382.1 million visits per month.

The third-place ranking on Similarweb’s top Ecommerce and Shopping websites in the United States is a result of this.

The bounce rate of the site is 51.8%. Most visitors spend 4 minutes and 40 seconds on average and visit an average of 4.89 pages.

Walmart App has been downloaded more than 50,000,000 times on Google Play

Walmart’s app is rated 4.7 stars out of 3.52 million reviews on Google Play.

Target, Walmart’s main competitor, has more than 10 million downloads and a rating of 4 stars out of 291,000 reviews.

Temu, the retailer’s main competitor, is ranked #1. Shein is ranked #2.

Google Play surpassed Amazon Shopping by two positions.

Shopping on The App Store

Walmart’s app is ranked fifth in the Shopping category by App Store metrics.

For comparison, target floats are placed between the 10th position and the 12th position.

Walmart received a 4.8-star review out of 8 million reviews.

Target is rated 4.9 stars out of 5.1 million reviews.

Walmart’s main competitors in the Shopping Category are Temu (the breakout app), Shein, Amazon Shopping, and Shop by Shopify.

The App Store ranks the retailer #33 out of all the free apps.

These metrics were taken from The App Store in the U.S.

Retail sales contribute $3.9 trillion annually to the US GDP

A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation in 2022 cites a statistic that the retail industry, of which Walmart is an important part, contributes to the United States gross domestic product each year.

This company holds one in four American jobs.

Walmart will be the largest retailer in the entire world in 2021, with revenues of $572.75 Billion.

Statista data shows that Walmart is the largest retailer in the entire world.

Walmart generated $572.75 Billion in Revenue in 2021. Amazon was second with $239.15 Billion in Revenue.

Walmart’s 2022 financial reports show that it is ahead of Amazon, with a revenue of $611,3 billion annually versus Amazon’s 514 billion.

These numbers show that the online retailer has caught up to Walmart quickly.

Costco, Kroger, Aldi, Target, and Costco are also in the lead.

Walmart will generate net sales of $605,9 billion by 2022

Walmart alone accounted for 605,9 billion dollars of Walmart’s revenue in 2022.

This represents a 6.7% rise from the net sales in 2021 of $567.8 Billion.

Walmart’s U.S. division accounted for 67% or $420.6 Billion of its total sales.

Walmart ranked fourth in ecommerce sales for 2021

Statista data shows that Walmart is fourth on a list of the companies with the most ecommerce sales.

Walmart’s 2021 sales were $46.4 billion, which is less than Amazon, at $131 billion; J.D., at $118.5 Billion; and Apple, at $51.9 Billion.

Walmart’s 2023 annual report defines “ecommerce” as “sales initiated digitally by customers and fulfilled in a variety of ways.”

Walmart customers can order most products to be shipped, in addition to shopping at Walmart Supercenters or Discount Stores.

You can order groceries online and have them delivered to your door or picked up at the curbside.

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