Some DROPSHIPPING Products You don’t want to sell

We won’t stop here. We’ll offer you an alternative to every product listed on this page, saving you both time and money.

You’ll learn what products you should sell to:

Reduce Dropshipping Returns.

Avoid trademark issues.

Facebook Advertising Gods: How to avoid annoying them.


Dropshipping can be a great way to get started in an online business. AliExpress offers thousands of products that you can sell in your Shopify store. What products should you buy, and what should you avoid buying?

This is one of the many questions new drop shippers have. Our job is to find the answers.

Let’s start the list. We’ve consulted dropshipping experts and helped countless merchants develop a list of five products you shouldn’t sell if you are new. We know the damage they can cause, so we want to help you avoid making these dropshipping errors.

Tight jeans are the first item on our list to avoid dropshipping.

This first product will not surprise you if you have returned clothes due to the size or fit. Online shopping has led to an increase in clothes that do not fit when they arrive. This means that your business can offer more refunds and returns.

You’ll first encounter the issue of tight jeans when you compare sizes between U.S., European, and Chinese. Even within the same shopping mall, there are differences in measures of pants. It’s not surprising that the dimensions of a supplier from, say, China may vary. Chinese sizes are typically one or two sizes smaller than U.S. sizes. If your American customer usually wears a large, you must order one size larger.

You can certainly include a Size Chart. Most customers will order the same size that they wear every day. It cannot be obvious to tell customers they should contain two or three sizes larger.

Be prepared to receive refunds and returns if your customer orders jeans the wrong size.

Second, customers can be very picky regarding how jeans fit. Customers commonly complain that their jeans do not flatter them as expected, even if they ordered the correct size. This is why it’s so difficult to sell this product. There’s still a lot of potential for returns, even if you are clear about the size differences.

What do you sell in its place?

Consider selling pants or leggings that stretch. You’ll still want to include a size guide, but the stretch will ensure your product fits well.

Customers are more likely to purchase pants that are loose or stretchy. The material will stretch, making customers more likely to order a medium. This means fewer returns for you as the owner of a business!

Trademark sneakers

Next, trademarked shoes are a product you should avoid. You cannot sell trademarked shoes if you do not have a reseller’s license.

This is one of the most common mistakes new merchants have made. After spending hours building their store, they are forced to close it. Why? Why? Your store will be worthless if you don’t have the proper license to sell trademarked sneakers.

Dropshippers are tempted to sell sneakers with trademarks because they do so well. Customers recognize their brand. It’s not worth it. Dropshippers can’t build a business on trademarked sneakers. Their store will be shut down sooner or later. You’d be amazed at how quickly these merchants are caught.

Instead, sell shoes that are unbranded or are branded by the supplier. Many suppliers have their brand that is not trademarked. These shoes are not protected, and you can sell them without problems.

You can sell thousands of shoes that are high-quality and free from trademarks. You can be sure these shoes will sell because they are fashionable and based on popular models. This will not only help you avoid trademark problems but also allow you to build a business that will last.

Let’s get moving. Have you ever bought products online only to discover that the same effect was available in your local department store? You probably bought it in the store instead of waiting to receive your order.

Black bags

You want to make your customers feel that they need to buy the product you are selling immediately. Dropshippers who are successful know how to make their customers buy on impulse. You’ll get low conversions if you use Facebook ads to promote a plain product. It’s the same if you want to sell a product customers can buy at their local mall.

This geometry bag will grab someone’s attention as they scroll through their Facebook feed. These ads are colorful and unusual. They also make for an exciting video. The ad will encourage customers to click to find out more.

This Facebook hack will help you determine if your product has caught your audience’s attention. You can check the click-through rate of your advertisement in Facebook Business Manager. This is the total number of people who clicked on your ad. If it is less than 2%, you should do more testing. Try advertising different products or other formats, such as video.

Dropshipping is the new trend that has led to this product. Some drop shippers try to sell fewer expensive products than many cheap products.

You can also find out more about the following.

Furniture is almost sure that it will cause you a lot more hassle.

Furniture violates one of the most essential dropshipping rules: Never drop ship anything you cannot ship via ePacket! EPacket shipping from China is an inexpensive and quick shipping method.

ePacket is fast because of its size restrictions: a product must measure 90 by 60 cm and weigh no more than 2 kilograms to be eligible. Do not worry! Most products will meet these restrictions.

Furniture, however, is a different story. You’ll have to choose another shipping method. Shipping costs can be much higher and sometimes more than the cost of the product. They may also take longer than ePacket. This is not good for either you or your customers.

Home decor is also a lucrative niche. You can sell these items if you want to remain in this niche.

Think about selling bedding sets or other products that can be used to accessorize large furniture pieces. Throw pillows for couches, tablecloths on dining tables, etc. These items are small enough to be shipped with ePacket and fall into the home decor niche.

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