Here are the fastest-growing categories and highest-selling products right now

We’ve seen some exciting consumer data emerge now that the world is in lockdown. The data includes product categories that have seen significant growth year-on-year and those whose demand has dropped completely. We also have access to the data that shows the top-selling products. This data reveals what the buyers were concerned about in the past month.

Collecting all this data and not sharing it would be a waste of time. We’ve compiled some information below to help you better understand the current consumer behavior. This information is intended to inform and help you find opportunities for business during the coronavirus. Don’t forget to check out our course on identifying winning products for sale.

The categories with the most significant year-on-year growth

Let’s get some context before we start looking at individual products. Look at the types with the most significant year-on-year (YoY) development. We compared data between March 30, 2020, and April 28, 2019, to the same period in 2019. We then compared the data from March 30 – April 28, 2020, to the same period in 2019.

It doesn’t mean this is where the most significant sales or money was made. It does, however, show that these categories are growing significantly.

Three categories do not show growth in this graph. These categories saw a negative compared to the same period last year. It doesn’t necessarily mean that items in this category did not sell. Instead, it means that revenues decreased from April 2019 to April 2020.

It is easy to understand why the Luggage and Bags segment has declined. The coronavirus epidemic can be attributed. Since hardly anyone is traveling right now, it’s unsurprising that the luggage and bags category has declined. While we are all on lockdown, there is less reason to check our watches. This could explain the Men’s Clothing and accessories decline compared to April 2019.

The Top Selling Products in the Last Four Weeks

We crunched April’s numbers and found that certain products have been flying off the shelves.

The products listed below are from many different categories. Some may seem strange. If there’s anything you should know, winning products are not always what you’d expect. It’s not always something you’d buy for yourself.

This list is based not on how much the merchants earned but on the number of units sold. It is important to note that other products may have generated more revenue, but this would not accurately reflect the demand for the item.

LED Strip Lighting In the category of Lights and lighting, LED strip lights have become extremely popular in recent months.

The product allows buyers to decorate their spaces with lights easily. A remote control or app can control the lights, and the user can select any color.

These lights have become very popular on social media platforms like TikTok and the gaming community.

They’re also popular because they can quickly transform a room.

Resistance Bands

It’s not surprising that resistance bands are a big seller. Many people can’t go to the gym. Their recent popularity is likely due to the buzz on social media about forming new healthy habits in our isolation.

Google Trends will tell you why resistance bands are so popular.

Online sales of resistance bands are a great way to make money. They are lightweight and, therefore, cheap to post. They’re also a piece that people of all fitness levels can use, from beginners to advanced. There are a few different types, including the standard bands and those with handles.

Resistant bands do not require technical knowledge or support. They also have no electrical components that can cause faults. As long as you are working with a provider who ships promptly, there is little risk that your customers will be unhappy.

Mesh Dog or Baby Gate

When I first saw the item, I was a bit confused. This is an excellent solution for those working with pets or children from home.

These mesh gates in the Home & Garden section allow pet owners and small children to restrict where their pets can go. These mesh gates are perfect for people who don’t want their pets or small children to wander in and out of Zoom Calls, especially if they make noise.

Installing them is easy for users, as they don’t need special tools. The easier a customer’s problem can be solved, the better. It is easy to show off this type of ease-of-use in a video, which can be used on ads or the product page.

This product could also be sold in large quantities, allowing customers to use it to separate different areas of their homes.

Sunflower Pendant

This sunflower pendant from the Jewelry & Accessories section has been available for several months.

This pendant is very appealing. It’s cute, and the hidden message gives it a quirky twist.

It is unlikely that someone would buy this item for their use. It’s a perfect gift. Ahmed Hadi, a beginner drop shipper, did this with his store. Ahmed Hadi could scale his business to five figures by focusing on the emotional value of gift-giving rather than selling the actual product.

Blue Light Glasses

The next item is from the Apparel Accessories section. These glasses are stylish and allegedly reduce blue light-induced eye strain.

We spend a lot of time staring at screens. This is why this product has become so popular in the past month.

The glasses are already popular but have become more prevalent in the last few weeks.

The fact that you can ship these glasses from the US will reduce shipping time for your customers.


We can’t imagine why this smartwatch from the Consumer Electronics category is so popular. It’s probably the same reason that Apple watch straps and resistance bands are popular.

The heart rate monitor and step, calorie, and distance counters are the actual selling features of this watch. These features will impress potential buyers as they show that the look has all the bells, whistles, and counters necessary to support an active lifestyle.

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