Help You Get Your First 1,000 Instagram Followers

Gaining more Instagram followers is essential to scaling up your marketing efforts. How can you get more followers on Instagram if you only have less than 1,000?

New Data: Instagram Engagement Report

Instagram for Business is a growing platform. Around 90 of Instagram’s 1 billion monthly active users follow a company account, and there are over 200 million business accounts.

It’s hard to build a large following on Instagram unless you’re famous. This is especially true if your Business uses Instagram marketing to increase its clientele. How do you get started?

You can start doing a few simple things to get at least 1,000 followers on your personal or Business Instagram account. You have to know where to put your effort and time. This post will discuss a few tactics to help you get those followers. From creating a followable Instagram account to using competitions and remaining true to your brand.

Types of Instagram followers

Let’s first talk about the type of IG followers you want. The first two types of Instagram users are those you should avoid.

Fake Followers

Fake IG accounts or bots are often used to inflate the number of followers. Fake followers aren’t engaged, and engagement plays a part in IG’s algorithm that pushes users to your feed.

Ghost Followers

The majority of these “ghosts,” however, are inactive users. These followers are not engaged with your content and can, therefore, skew engagement metrics. If you want to grow, it’s a good idea for you to remove ghost followers.

Organic Followers

Your organic IG followers will be your most active audience – the people who engage with your profile. You’ll want to pay special attention to the subgroups of your real followers.

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These followers are already customers and follow you on Instagram for updates about your products, sales, and discounts. Highlight your creations on Instagram and make exclusive offers. This will help you engage more customers.


Some of your organic followers also follow your competitors. Some organic followers are also following your competitors. Take inspiration from the content of your competitors when creating Instagram content. Use specific hashtags and location tags in order to increase your visibility.


These are Instagram accounts that have between 10-75K followers. These niche influencers may lead to beneficial partnerships and increased sales for your Business. Produce high-quality, consistent content that targets a specific audience to attract influencers.

After we have covered who you would like to follow your brand, it is time to discuss how to grab their attention.

Plan your Instagram posts using a calendar of social media content.

The majority of work to increase your Instagram followers occurs before you even open the app. You must also plan to post new Instagram posts regularly. Although it is tempting to post whenever inspiration strikes, finding a rhythm will help you to capitalize on trends. It will also help to build a community that will expect you to post at specific times.

It takes a high level of organization to plan, write, and publish Instagram posts consistently. To prepare, we recommend creating a Social Media Content Calendar.

You can jumpstart the creation of Instagram content by using these resources:

Photo and video ideas to inspire you on Instagram.

The Best Instagram Captions: Cool, Funny and Cute.

Planning your Instagram posts [+ Free Instagram Planning templates].

Schedule your posts using a tool for social media management.

A tool for managing social media can help you to post regularly without having to log in each time. You can schedule your Instagram posts and let the software take care of the rest if you are serious about growing your Instagram following.

Instagram offers a variety of posts, from Stories and Reels to more traditional square photos. It’s a great way to grow your following, but it can also be overwhelming. Although you can post manually, scheduling your posts can help you make the most of these formats.

You can find more information on how to schedule Instagram posts in the following articles:

Best Social Media Management Tool.

Schedule Instagram Posts: Everything you need to know.

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

Follow a regular posting routine.

Establish a posting schedule to help build trust with your followers. It may take some time to optimize your plan according to your audience.

Test different times and days of the week to find out what works best for your audience. Your target audience may be more active or engaged at certain times. After you’ve determined the optimal times for posting to Instagram, stick to a regular schedule. This will help set expectations with your audience.

If you don’t already have any, you can download this free template for creating buyer personas. If you do not have any buyer personas, download this free template to make them.

Download the Instagram kit, which includes templates and instructions.

Templates and guides on how to grow your Instagram are essential tools in the growth toolbox. HubSpot’s kit allows you to stay up-to-date with Instagram’s newest trends and to create content faster.

This is especially helpful if you are new to Instagram or do not know where and how to begin. You should now also be familiar with Instagram tips and tricks. You can find some useful articles here:

Turn your account into an online business profile.

You can technically grow your following by using a personal account, but we recommend that you convert it into an Instagram Business Profile or create a new one. You will then have access to Instagram Insights. This will help you understand how your followers are growing and whether your strategy is effective.

You should consider running your account like a business, even if you plan only to become an independent creator of content.

Follow these steps to switch from a personal account to a business one:

Go to your profile in the Instagram app.

Click the menu button in the upper-right corner.

Click Settings in the pop-up.

Scroll down to Account Type and Tools.

Click to switch to a professional account.

Then, you can choose to convert your account to a business or stay with a professional version.

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