Etsy Alternatives For 2023 (Comparison)

Etsy can be a good option for small businesses, especially if they want to sell handmade or unique products that aren’t easily found on other online marketplaces. But it’s not perfect.

Etsy is flooded with drop shippers and print-on-demand sellers. Even some high street merchants are now on the site. It’s harder to compete, and it becomes more difficult to make sales.

We have many great Etsy alternative platforms for you to choose from.

This article compares the best online marketplaces and ecommerce platforms.

Etsy has a few downsides. Etsy is not without its downsides. You must share your profits and have very little control over how to sell your products.

Sell products through your store if these issues are a concern for you. The Sellfy platform is one of the easiest to use for building your store.

You can sell a variety of products, including physical goods, digital products, and subscriptions.

If you are looking for an alternative to Etsy that is more direct, I would highly recommend you check out GoImagine. This platform offers many of the features that Etsy has but with lower transaction fees. It is also less crowded with dropshipping products.

All transaction fees are donated to US children’s charities, making this a great alternative for those looking for an Etsy that is more socially responsible.


The US-only marketplace GoImagine offers a similar experience to Etsy. It has the same look and functionality as Etsy but is more in line with its handmade philosophy.

GoImagine adheres to strict guidelines, which require that all products be manufactured by small businesses or independent sellers using hand tools. This means that digital products, drop-shipped, and POD items are not allowed.

GoImagine also has a lower fee structure than Etsy. The platform still charges 5% for transaction fees and monthly fees. However, these fees are all donated to charities supporting children and young people, like Horizons for Homeless Children and Relief Nursery.

Plans for the platform start at $2.50 per month for up to 25 listings. Upgrade your plan for lower transaction fees and to sell more items. All-Star users can create their standalone store.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon has expanded its reach into the handmade market. The company is known for affordable, mass-produced products from all over the world.

Amazon Handmade can be used to market more unique products like jewelry, gifts, personalized items, home decor, and more.

Amazon Handmade can be a good Etsy substitute in certain ways. Sellers have the option to take advantage of benefits like FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) shipping, no listing expiration, and more.

Amazon-sponsored ads can be used to promote your brand and increase sales.

As is usually the case with Amazon’s platform, this one has a very high fee compared to others. The company charges a 15% fee on each transaction, and there’s also a membership fee.

Amazon Handmade is a great Etsy alternative if you need to boost your sales and visibility. However, you should check the shipping and fees to ensure that it’s right for your business.


Bonanza, an online marketplace for shopping that offers a wide range of products, claims to provide ‘everything except ordinary.’ The site hosts unique wares around the globe and is a cheaper alternative to Etsy.

Etsy is quite similar to Bonanza, but Bonanza shares many similarities with Ebay. Bonanza is a site where bidding and negotiating are common. It’s therefore a good idea for you to raise your prices a bit to give yourself some room for negotiation.

Bonanza’s listing of products is completely free and, unlike Etsy listings, does not expire. It is now easier and more affordable to list many different products. Bonanza charges a fee only when your product sells. Transaction fees start at 3.5%, which is less than half the price of Etsy.

Bonanza also allows you to create a standalone store online. This is an excellent option for scaling up your business.

You can also use a variety of marketing and analytics features to create listings automatically on other sites, such as Google Shopping or eBay.

You can import your Etsy product listings to accelerate the process if you already have an Etsy shop. You can import listings from, eBay and Shopify.


The online marketplace Storenvy claims to be one of the most socially-driven marketplaces in the world. This is the place for all things independent and an excellent place to sell handmade or unique goods.

Storenvy allows you to create a free online shop and list your products in the Storenvy Marketplace. You can sell outside the platform and on the Storenvy marketplace.

Storenvy is a platform that has a large user base that’s really into independent products. If you feel that your product is unique and interesting, then this could be the right platform for you.

The fee is Storenvy’s biggest downside. Storenvy offers a hosted store for free, but you’ll pay a high commission on marketplace sales. Commissions start at 15% and go up if you select other options like Managed Marketing.

Storenvy remains a good option for independent creators despite the high commissions.


The UK-based marketplace markets itself as being the UK’s largest online craft fair. Folksy’s ethos is closer to that of Etsy, with all its products created or handmade by real craftspeople.

Folksy’s site is a bit pared down but has all the tools you need to sell online. You can list your products in a storefront, view your shop statistics, and access friendly and fast support. You can even record your products and manage them using an app.

All prices and fees are displayed in GBP. You’ll need to subscribe in order to get started. Folksy subscriptions begin at PS6.25 per month, and sales are subject to 6%+VAT. You can also list items individually for 18p each.

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