Which countries are your priority when considering the most popular products? The United States? You could also include Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. You could also promote them in your country. Each country has its unique personality, tastes, and style. We’ve broken down the top-selling products in each country.

Spain – Chakra Bangle

Chakra Bracelets may not be new, but they have changed in appearance in the past few years. They are no longer a meditation bracelet and now resemble a bangle. Spain is currently attracted to the more modern style. In the last few months, this product has received a lot of orders from Spanish clients. You can promote this product in Spain first and consider other Spanish-speaking nations. You can advertise your bangle on Instagram or Facebook to people living in Spanish-speaking countries. You can ask a Spanish-speaking friend to help you write the copy or work with a translator from English to Spanish.

Italy – Reflective Joggers

Your customers will sing That’s Amore when they try these reflective runners. These joggers are reflective so that drivers can see the Italian night owls in the darkness. This Italian bestseller has sold thousands in the last six months. It shows the streetwear trend continues to be popular. These joggers can be promoted on Instagram with hashtags like #streetwearfashion #streetwearstore #streetwearbrand #streetwearstyle and others. Create Facebook ads targeting women aged 19-24 who like streetwear and streetwear brands.

United Kingdom – Black Head Removers

This Black Head Remover has been a top-selling product in the United States in recent months. Now, sellers are extending its popularity to other countries. You can sell nose strips designed to remove blackheads if you run a beauty shop. These are also very popular. Running a skin-care store is excellent because blackhead removal products are only temporary. They require frequent use and purchase. You can cross-sell a mask to customers after they purchase the blackhead remover. This can be sold in your store as an upsell. You can advertise your product using Pinterest ads using keywords such as acne, acne remedies, and blackheads.

Men’s T-Shirt – Russia, Japan, and South Korea

Sales of men’s clothing are popular all year long. Recently, this men’s tee shirt has seen a surge in sales from countries such as Russia, Japan, and South Korea. This t-shirt can be promoted on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can also ask male influencers for photos of them wearing the shirt, which they will share with their fans. And you can pin links to your product on Pinterest. Women dominate Pinterest, but products like these could be categorized under a board called “gifts for men.”

United States – Solar Water Pump Fountain

Americans cannot get enough of the solar pump fountain. Solar power means you only need a bit of sunlight to run this fountain. You’ll have the best chance of marketing this fountain using either Google Ads or Facebook Ads. You’ll probably target women who are over 40 and enjoy gardening with Facebook Ads. You could also target rural residents, who are more likely to own ponds. Google Ads allows you to run Google Shopping Ads for keywords like “pond pump” or “pond faucet.”

Canada – Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

It can be a challenge to wash all your produce in one go. Customers can now easily wash their fruits and vegetables by placing them in a mesh bag. This bag can be used for storing inflatables or transporting other household items on the move. This product is most likely to be purchased by a young mother. You can use it to bring toys for her kids to Grandma or to save time before dinner by not having to wash the food. Ads on Facebook and Instagram can be used to target moms with children younger than 12 years old. You can promote this product on mom blogs and reach a whole new audience by doing a giveaway in a post about a product.

Indonesia – Hydrogel Mask

In Indonesia, sales of the Hydrogel Mask are increasing. What is the purpose of the hydrogel mask? It can reduce the appearance of double chins. You’ll need to reach out to women who care about beauty if you want this product to be popular. Partner with an Indonesian blogger to promote this product to their audience. YouTube is another excellent way to promote the product. A beauty vlogger could show how to use the mask and describe the sensations. If you cannot afford a flat fee, an affiliate link can be offered so the vlogger can earn a commission on sales.

France – Abdominal Machine

In France, the time has come to say Non and Oui Oui to baguettes. This weight loss product sells faster than croissants in a French bakery. The best way to market it is through platforms like Pinterest, Facebook Ads, and search. Create videos to use on Facebook and Pinterest Ads. These videos can show the product in action so that people can see how it works. If your store opened just yesterday, this strategy will not work. If you have been running a weight loss or fitness store for over six months, you can include blog content on ab workout and link to your product pages.

Nigeria – Summer Shoes

If you are targeting Nigeria, you should be selling these shoes in your store. These men’s loafers can be promoted with Facebook or Google Shopping ads. You might consider targeting men aged between 24 and 35 when it comes to your options. You can target men based on their profession (as an entrepreneur) or interest, like men’s fashion. In your copy, you can use keywords such as “breathable,” essential during Nigeria’s heat waves.

Egypt – Men’s Vest

Here’s a tip: If you’ve been researching, this vest for men is what you should sell in Egypt. You could combine Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram ads to promote this top-selling product. If you’re starting with Instagram, you can use hashtags such as #vest,# Egyptian #mensfashion, #mensfashiontrends, and #mensfashions. To increase the number of people who see your post, you can include up to 30 hashtags as part of the first comment. You can target Egyptian men aged 18-34 with Facebook and Instagram ads.

South Africa – Lip Kit

This Lip Kit is a hit with the ladies of South Africa. The lip kit includes 12 shades, ranging from pale pink to dark brown. These lipsticks can be promoted on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. You can use hashtags such as #lipsticks and #lipsticks on Instagram. You can upload each image to your Pinterest account and place it under the “lipstick” category. You can target women between 22 and 34 years old who are interested in beauty.

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