Consider Six Social Selling Tools

You may have been tempted by an Instagram Reel that had a convenient link for shopping to buy something you saw.

Today, most generations see social media as their preferred platform for product discovery, while 87% of social media marketers who sell on their channels say it’s effective. Nearly 60% even note social media sales have increased year over year.

How can you be sure that your products and services will sell well once they are placed on social media pages or stores? Consider using social media tools to sell your products.

What are social selling tools?

Social selling tools help social media teams to find and engage with prospects and build relationships. They also drive sales. Social selling tools provide features like social listening, lead generation, and content curation. They also offer analytics.

Social Selling Software

HubSpot’s’ Social Media Management Software can help you boost your social sales efforts. With an AI-powered social media post generator, you can create campaigns, monitor keywords to ensure that you don’t forget mentions, and connect all your interactions with your CRM.

Let’s say, for example, I want to sell some of the art prints that I have made. I can create captions for Instagram and TikTok using the social media tool.

The campaigns tool allows you to tag marketing assets and related content. You can then see the role social media plays in your marketing and selling strategy.

Pricing Parts of Marketing Hub, which include Marketing Hub Free version, Starter for $45/month, and Professional for $800/month. Enterprise is $3,600/month.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub allows you to implement social selling by integrating with popular social media platforms. You can identify potential customers on social media using a contact database. Prospecting tools are also available.

Sales Hub provides you with valuable insights into prospects’ social media activity, which allows you to personalize and build meaningful relationships. You can track prospects’ engagement with email tracking and sequence capabilities.

Pricing: Parts of Sales Hub include Sales Hub Free. The Starter is $45/month. Professional is $450/month. Enterprise costs $1200/month.

Hootsuite Inbox

Hootsuite Inbox allows you to organize all of your messages, both private and public, in one place. This can be useful for social sellers using chat-based strategies.

The features of this tool help you avoid missing important conversations or comments. It can be used to organize and reply to messages on multiple social platforms. This ensures that every connection gets a prompt answer. You can quickly locate specific communication threads even if you have a large volume of messages.

You can also collaborate with your team by assigning tasks to messages. This ensures that the best person within your company answers each question. You can also save and reuse responses for faster answers to questions or statements.

Social Selling Platforms

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s search and filtering capabilities allow you to target specific customers by identifying their industry, size of the company, or job title. The tool also gives you insights into the prospects’ profiles, their activities, and connections. This allows you to personalize and build relationships.

Sales Navigator allows you to be informed of key updates and changes in your prospects’ companies so that you can take advantage of these opportunities through timely messaging or engagement. You can use features such as InMail and TeamLink to reach out to prospects directly and leverage your team’s connections to drive sales.

Pricing: Pricing information is not available on LinkedIn, but sources online indicate that plans begin at $99 per month.

Instagram Shopping

You can bet that your customers already use Instagram. Why not reach them wherever they are with Shopping on Instagram? This feature allows you to sell and showcase products directly from your Instagram Shop on Instagram. You can link or tag your products to posts and stories. This allows your audience to discover and buy items in just a few clicks.

Instagram Shopping is the bridge between inspiration and purchase. You can allow your followers to browse product details, discover related products, and make purchases without leaving the app.

Pricing Instagram shopping features are available after you have created an Instagram Shop for your business.

TikTok shop

TikTok Shop, like Instagram Shopping, is commerce integrated into the social platform. You can use TikTok’s’ short videos to create interactive and engaging content that showcases your products. This will help you capture the attention of the audience. The app allows users to discover, share, and purchase products.

You can also connect with creators via the Affiliate Market. This is a channel for marketing that links creators to sellers on the platform.

Pricing TikTok charges a commission fee that is a percentage of the order total.

Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop allows you to sell on Facebook, Instagram, or both. You can create a catalog or shop using the platform. You can add products for sale to the shop.

Pricing Facebook charges processing fees for payments made through the payment methods that they provide.

Start Social Selling

Social selling is a great way to show off your creativity in content creation. It also allows you to engage your audience and convert them into loyal customers. You can entertain your audience more personally and effectively by leveraging social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Instagram and TikTok.

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