PDF (Portable Document Format) is among the most useful file formats. You can handle everything from professional invoices to employee contracts with the PDF. This format is widely utilized in many sectors, such as legal, real estate, medical, education, and real estate.

When compared to other formats, PDF provides the following benefits:

The form that is preserved: PDFs display precisely the way you’ve laid them out regardless of the device or software you’re using to open them.

Save storage This format lets users compress large file sizes in KBs and KBs, which allows you to conserve storage space.

Binding legally: It is the sole format of a file that can accept electronic signatures to allow documents to be legally binding and legally binding.

The drawback of PDF is it does not allow editing text or altering other elements quickly. To do this, you’ll need an editor for PDF. Since Adobe (the original creator of PDF) still holds certain technologies related to the format, it’s not always straightforward to locate tools to modify PDFs.

We’ve compiled this guide to help you to find the most effective Free PDF Editor software that is available in the present.

What Is the Best Free PDF Editor?

The software listed below includes some of the top Free online tools for editing PDFs. We’ve also included several free PDF editors available for Mac and Windows PCs and several mobile-friendly editors that let users edit documents while on the move. All of these editors are free or have a free trial version available.


SmallPDF offers a cloud-based service that users can access anytime and wherever they like. Its simple interface makes editing easy without downloading complex tools onto your laptop or tablet. You can also download a Chrome extension.

The idea behind SmallPDF is to make editing PDF documents easy; SmallPDF allows you to add comments and highlights to PDF documents and change .pdf files into .doc or .docx or merge PDF documents. There is also an online sign-in feature on this page, which is fantastic if you’re looking for an affordable option to manage digital contracts.

The features include:

Text in PDF that is highlighted and commented on.

Converting PDF files to Word conversions.

JPG as well as other image files into PDF.

E-Signature for PDFs.

Quality compression without sacrificing quality.

Advantages It is simple to operate, Accessible on any device and has other valuable features.


PDFescape is a different option in our top PDF Editor-free software list. It allows you to edit your documents online or directly on your desktop based on your requirements. Additionally, you can now scan documents into the program.

Although only the online edition of PDFescape is free, You will discover various valuable features, including the ability to fill out forms, a password security feature to protect your online files, and a hand-written annotation feature. In addition, it provides the option of adding clickable URLs to your documents.

The features include:

Editing and viewing for free PDF documents.

Simple PDF form and filling in forms.

Simple annotation for PDF documents.

Online document sharing.

Benefits The ability to access from any location and password-protected documents rotate, add and annotate.

Con: You can only upload documents that are up to 10MB in size.

Ideal for: Editing invoices for primary purposes as well as other PDF files that are small in size.

Sejda PDF Editor

Aiming to make you more efficient with your PDF files, Sejda has a top-of-the-line editor with watermark-free text editing, the ability to remove white areas from your PDF, and many more.

Sejda lets users remove particular pages from PDFs or break them down by text, size, and pages. A signature tool is available for legally binding documents and has an easy-to-use interface, so it’s easy to find everything you require in one place.

The features include:

Combine and split your PDFs.

Sign and edit documents quickly.

Advantages Great accessibility and fantastic UI, and the ability to add pictures and links.

Cons The editing limit is 50 MB file size; it can accommodate only 3 PDFs/hour.

The best choice for Small tasks is when you have to fill in the fields in PDF.

PDF Candy

Like many of the best PDF editors we’ve examined, PDF Candy is a user-friendly product that can be accessed from any browser. This application has many ways to customize and edit your PDFs, such as adding password protection or converting your PDFs to different types of files.

PDF Candy offers splitting functionality and the possibility to crop, resize, and rotate the pages. You can interact with a variety of kinds of images with this editor. You can also add details such as page numbers, footer, or header texts to help make your pages more professional.


Built upon an Open Office environment, LibreOffice is a complete office suite that provides excellent productivity. More than an editor for PDF, LibreOffice can help create everything from flowcharts to Word documents and diagrams.

“Draw,” or the “Draw” function on LibreOffice, allows you to quickly and easily access PDFs you wish to modify. Zoom in on the text you want to alter and add components such as headings, images, and various colors for your files. Once you’re ready to save it, click “Export” your project.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a PDF editor and reader available to iPhone users. The application offers a range of different themes, as well as scrolling choices to select from. Customers can modify and improve their PDFs in any way they want using the built-in editing feature.

Beautiful free-hand annotations let you add your personal touch to documents. You can also highlight areas and stamps, mark them with symbols, cut out text, and add annotations. The annotation summary feature is another option. The annotation summary feature will also allow you to save your notes easily.

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