5 Major Things to Consider While Applying for a Small Business Loan

Commercial financing is an important part of every Aussie small business and plays a huge role in its journey. With the growing competition in the market, small businesses need to constantly improvise and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. However, when it comes to commercial business loans, there are several factors that come into play for businesses in Australia.

The Loan Amount

You can find a number of reliable brokers available in Australia who can help you find the right kind of commercial loans for your small business. However, you must have clarity about the loan amount you require to borrow for your business. Start by identifying the needs you want to fulfil in your business with that loan money. Most lending institutes have different commercial business loan options that are tailored to the specific needs of a small business. In fact, these loans often have varying borrowable amounts and rates of interest. Hence, it’s always advisable to only borrow the amount you need. This will help you manage your finances better going forward.

The Rate of Interest

Once you secure a loan for your small business, the interest payments will become a significant part of the monthly outflows until the total amount is repaid. So, it is important that you know the rate of interest and understand how it works. The interest rates could be variable, fixed or a combination of both. Usually, when you apply for a higher loan amount, it is accompanied by a higher rate of interest. Thus, you must consider borrowing an amount that you can afford to repay in the form of monthly instalments along with interest.

Repayment Period

The duration of repayments for a small business loan often varies from one lending institute to the other. Usually, you are given several options for the loan repayment period, and each of those options has its own interest rates. So, you must compare these durations and their respective interests to make sure that you will be able to make the monthly payments. Once you select the exact repayment period, you must take out the loan only during the specified period. Moreover, you must pay back your loans along with interest within the approved time frame.

Processing Time

Based on the type of loan and the lender, commercial loans in Australia for small businesses may have different processing times. While you compare various loan options for your business, you must pay attention to the average processing time of each option. This will give you an idea of how early you need to apply to get the loan at your preferred time. If you need the money urgently, you may wish to talk to the respective lender to speed up the process. Also, if you can prepare the necessary documents beforehand, you may be able to shorten the loan’s processing time. Being organised will definitely help.


There may come a time when you fail to make the monthly payment, even though you did not plan to. Most lenders have penalties in place for such instances. Missing an instalment generally leads to heavier repayments for several lenders. However, some may raise the rate of interest on future repayments. There are also some lenders who only charge a small fee as a penalty. Therefore, it’s important to go through the penalty clauses of all the loan options carefully. Even though no one really wants to default on loan repayments, you must make sure that you can handle the penalty charges of the loan you are applying for.

In Conclusion

Before you choose a lender for your small business loan, remember these above points. Since it can be difficult to compare hundreds of loan options and go through their details individually, you should consider hiring a broker who has the experience and local knowledge to help you choose the right option for you. However, at the end of the day, you need to make the final call. So, choose the lender wisely whenever you consider commercial finance in Australia.

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