WooCommerce Google Shopping Extensions (Free and Paid)

s the undisputed king eCommerce platform. With over 36% share of the market and nearly 6 million active sites, it has a huge lead. Its flexibility and the multitude of plugins from third parties ensure that it will continue to dominate.

The plugins offer more than just a better eCommerce experience. They also provide marketing and promotion opportunities directly from the WooCommerce admin area.

Google Shopping, with its 1.2 billion searches per month and the vast majority of clicks on ads, is a marketing channel that you, as a WooCommerce merchant, cannot ignore.

This article will help you understand why you should use Google Shopping. I’ll also show you the best WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugins to reach millions of customers.

Why should you use Google Shopping?

Let’s learn about Google Shopping before we get into the benefits.

Google Shopping allows eCommerce retailers to list and promote their products. You can advertise your products on this platform for free.

Let’s look at some statistics.

76% of the dollars spent on retail search advertisements goes to shopping ads.

Shopping ads account for 85% of clicks to Google Ads and Google Shopping campaigns.

Google is the starting point for 46% of product searches.

Google Shopping’s average CPC is $0.66.

Google Shopping Ads have a 30% higher conversion rate than text ads.

Benefits of Google Shopping for WooCommerce Retailers

Google Shopping can be useful to merchants for many reasons. Google Shopping has many benefits.

Increased visibility

Google Shopping increases product exposure by placing advertisements next to search results when buyers are searching for what you sell. This exposure can lead to increased brand awareness and targeted traffic.

Targeted Audience

Google Shopping offers refined targeting options that allow you to advertise your products directly to those who are actively searching for them. It increases the chance of reaching out to people who are likely to buy your product.

Product Comparison

Google Shopping allows users to compare items across multiple retailers based on price, customer reviews, and availability. You can gain an advantage in the market by differentiating your product from that of the competition based on price, quality, or other features.

Enhance User Experience

Google Shopping enhances the consumer’s shopping experience with a simple and beautiful interface that allows them to browse available products quickly. The platform provides relevant information, such as images and prices, to help users evaluate and select the products that best suit their needs.

Mobile Shopping

Google Shopping is now available on mobile devices. You can now sell to the increasing number of mobile shoppers.

Easy Product Management

Google Merchant Center is the platform’s backend tool that makes it easy to manage and update your product listings. You can easily add products, update those that are already there, and track efficiency metrics.

Ad Customization and Optimization

Google Shopping allows you to personalize product ads, create bidding strategies, and improve the effectiveness of your campaign. This level of control will enable you to fine-tune and maximize your advertising budget.

Increased Conversions

Because Google Shopping ads include product images, ratings, and prices, they are more likely to make a purchase. CTRs and conversions can increase because customers know what they are getting when they click on the ad.

How do you promote products on Google Shopping?

You must first know how to list products on Google Shopping before you can discuss the best Google Shopping plugin for WooCommerce. Google Shopping ads are based on three main things.

Sign up for a Google Merchant Center free account using your Gmail. Upload your WooCommerce feed into that account.

Google Merchant Center will display these listings on its platform in organic listings. Sign up for a Google Ads Account using your Gmail account to run product advertisements on Google Shopping.

Then, you can link the Google Merchant Center to your Ads account. Create a shopping campaign and run ads.

Google Shopping Ads does not require that. Google Ads will automatically generate ads based on the data that you have uploaded to your GMC account.

The WooCommerce Product Page will be displayed when a user clicks one of your ads or entries. The product feed acts as a bridge between Google and WooCommerce. This is why it’s the most important tool you can use to promote your Woo store products on Google Shopping.

What is a product feed?

A product feed can be a CSV file, XML file, or TXT that contains data about your WooCommerce products. Attributes, such as title and price, organize your WooCommerce products.

The product feed requirements for each channel are different. Google Shopping feed attributes refer to the product data fields you must include when uploading products to Google Merchant Center.

Google Shopping will display your products based on the attributes you provide.

You can manually create a feed using spreadsheet software such as Open Office, Microsoft Excel, or Google Sheets. Manually creating and managing product feed files will be a hassle for large or busy stores.

Use a WooCommerce Google Product Feed plugin to automate the connection of your WooCommerce shop to Google Shopping.

WooCommerce Google Shopping Extensions

WooCommerce has a lot of built-in features, and the plugins it supports make it a powerful eCommerce platform. WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugins are available to help you promote your WooCommerce product on Google Shopping.

Check out the top 10 WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugins to list your products and get maximum exposure!

CTX Feed is a Google Shopping Feed plugin.

CTX feed is an essential WordPress Google Shopping Feed plugin for those who want to promote their products on Google Shopping. This plugin takes care of all the worries you have about creating and connecting a Google Shopping feed.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can create a product feed almost effortlessly. With this WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed plugin, you can also make product feeds that are compatible with 130+ channels.

This plugin allows you to connect and create a Google Shopping feed. The free version is available in the WordPress repository.

Once you have installed and activated the Google Shopping Feed plugin WordPress, click on Make Feed.

Select your channel from the Template. The plugin will populate all attributes automatically.

Click the Generate button, and you’re done. The plugin collects all the product data from WooCommerce and creates a feed file.

Then, click Manage Feeds and copy your feed URL or download the file. You can view, delete, edit, and regenerate the Feed in different settings.

CTX Feed is the best Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin because of its automatic updates and URL feed connections. The plugin can be set to update all feed files automatically. It will then collect and update your feed files for every change made on your product pages.

You can specify intervals at which your files are updated. You can connect to your Feed using URL/HTTP/FTP/SFTP instead of downloading and uploading.

Google Merchant Center allows you to connect your products via URL (Scheduled fetch option).

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