Operator tip for higher productivity

Productivity can always be improved, so machine operators and owners should continue to seek ways to make their machines more productive. Operators can be more aware of their job site responsibilities and work more efficiently if they are more attentive. Three areas can be improved by examining how application practices increase Jobsite strategy, prolong equipment lifecycles, and improve efficiency.

Preparing equipment Job requirements can vary depending on the type of project, industry, and location. Before you start any work, it is important to clearly outline your tasks and determine the required machine size, configuration and type. Every industry has a set of equipment, but the machines can sometimes be used for multiple tasks. This increases productivity. Here are some examples.

  • Compact track and multi-terrain loaders can be used to manage snow and ice. A set of snow tracks will greatly enhance performance, as track-tread patterns designed for soil are unsuitable for snow. A skid steer loader can probably remove a tree stump. However, replacing the bucket with a stump grinder is quicker, less damaging to the site, and reduces machine wear.
  • Some agricultural jobs require the movement of heavier materials, such as manure. Choose a bucket with less capacity to maintain the right balance between bucket capacity, bucket loading time, and speed of job site travel.
  • It’s easier to attach a quick coupler to a loader arm than to use forks on the bucket’s front. Construction workers can safely lift heavier loads, increase job site visibility, and improve machine stability at higher speeds by removing the bucket and installing a pair of forks.
  • Concrete is often broken by operators using the bucket of an excavator, backhoe loader or backhoe. A hydraulic hammer can be more productive and causes less damage to the machine.

Establish effective operator techniques

Sometimes, machine operators may feel pressured to complete a job quickly. It would help if you resisted the temptation to rush because it can cause machine damage, double efforts to correct mistakes, and poor record keeping. Machine owners and operators can keep track of progress and make adjustments to increase productivity by keeping accurate and up-to-date records. The following loading techniques can help improve operator efficiency.

  • When loading, pay attention to how far the machine is from the material. Longer distances traveled than necessary can increase completion time and accelerate wear on tires and tracks.
  • Pay attention to loading limits. Overloading the machine can hurt maintenance intervals and increase equipment wear.

Be creative with your equipment.

The versatility of work tools allows operators to do more with fewer machines. The equipment can be optimized further by using attachments and machines for different purposes. A mulcher, for example, can be used to clear hunting lanes in deer hunting reserves. This opens up the hunter’s paths and increases equipment productivity. These are just a few examples.

  • Augers can be used to drill, but they also can insert special bits into concrete or asphalt for valve access and maintenance holes. Augers can be used to drill anchors, which are useful for soil stabilization on hillsides. Augers can also power stirrers for manure retention ponds and manure.
  • Hammers may be outfitted with plates instead of tipped tools for compacting. Stick-mounted hammers can also remove rock faces and scale ceilings in tunnels and caverns.
  • A cold planer can texture concrete roads and asphalt, but they can also remove large amounts of stumps for special purposes like Christmas tree farms. A cold planer attached to a skid steer loading machine can texture concrete in dairy applications to prevent the cows from falling and slipping in milk parlors.

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