Omnisend Review 2023: Better ROI For Your Ecommerce Store?

Omnisend has a reputation as being one of the top email marketing platforms for online stores. But does it deserve that reputation?

We signed up and tested Omnisend to find out. We’ll share everything we know about Omnisend in this review and discuss its features, pros, cons, pricing, and more.

What is Omnisend?

The Omnisend platform is an omnichannel ecommerce marketing platform.

More than 100,000 brands and merchants use it for their marketing communications on all channels, including email, SMS, Facebook, and Google retargeting.

Omnisend, like other SMS and email marketing services, offers all the tools needed to build your mailing list and collect contacts, send emails and text messages, and automate campaigns.

Omnisend is different from other online marketplaces because it was specifically designed for sellers.

It is also packed with eCommerce-specific features that will help you gain more customers.

Many pre-built workflows can be customized for eCommerce automation. Think of win-back campaigns, abandoned cart messages, and post-purchase campaigns.

Omnisend also offers on-site tracking that allows you to segment the list by shopping behavior or customer lifecycle stage.

Create ecommerce lead generators such as Wheel of Fortune popups and teasers. You can also create landing pages and ecommerce lead magnets.

Omnisend is compatible with the most popular e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. It also integrates seamlessly with and Aftership.

Getting started

Connecting your store is the first step when you first log into Omnisend. This is necessary to use all of the features.

You should see a button in your dashboard if you are a new user. If you don’t see it, click Account Management > Stores> Add new store.

Choose the platform on which your store is built from the list.

Omnisend is compatible with Shopify WooCommerce Wix BigCommerce Magento Prestashop Opencart.

The connection wizard will guide you through the steps, but typically, it involves installing a plug-in on your website.

You’ll need the API to integrate any ecommerce platform not listed.

Website tracking

Omnisend will track visitors to your site in real time once you connect it to your store.

Click Live View from your dashboard to see the number of visitors active in your store and their actions.

You’ll be notified the moment someone visits your website, makes a purchase, begins the checkout process, or does anything else. It’s a great feature that you won’t find with other email marketing platforms.

Omnisend uses the information it collects about your website visitors to track sales and ROI.

You can also use the data to improve your campaign targeting and segmentation by incorporating it into your campaigns. We’ll discuss all of that in more detail later.

Omnisend also allows you to use brand assets automatically from your website in your emails.

You can think of things like your logo, color scheme, social links, etc.

You’ll find a navigation bar at the top of your dashboard. From there, you can access Omnisend’s features and tools.

The apps are grouped into five categories: Audience, Reports, Audiences, Forms, and Automation. We’ll take a closer look at them.


The Campaigns section allows you to create, schedule, test, send, and send your SMS messages and push notifications.

Click Create a new campaign to get started. Choose the type of campaign that you wish to create.

You can see that there are several options. Let’s first take a closer look at Mail.


Enter your subject line first when creating an email on Omnisend.

Dynamic fields allow you to customize subject lines by adding recipient information such as name and address.

You can use Omnisend AI to write your subject lines if you are struggling.

Click to generate the subject line. Then, enter some keywords that are relevant to your email.

Fill out the remaining settings page. This includes your campaign name, preheader, and other details. Then, click Next step.


Then, you’ll be taken to Omnisend Templates Gallery, where you can choose a high-converting, professionally designed email template.

Omnisend has a large template gallery. It is huge and specifically designed for ecommerce. There are templates to introduce new products, offer discounts, announce holiday sales, and so on.

You can filter templates by niche. Click the Jewelry filter to find templates tailored to your industry.

Drag and Drop Builder

The drag-and-drop editor in Omnisend is amazing. It’s easy to edit and create stunning emails your audience will love.

Click on the elements to edit and drag to move them.

You can add blocks/elements to your email from the sidebar. You can add all the standard blocks, such as text boxes, videos, and images.

There are a few blocks that are especially useful for ecommerce.

Unique Discount and Static Discount allow you to add customized offers/vouchers within your email. Product recommender will enable you to create an email shoppable and feature up to eight products from your online store.

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