Everyone was unaware. However, I was terrified as an unclean person in the church. In 2013, I held my first live webinar, which thirty people attended. It was an enjoyable experience (despite my anxiety), and I could close ten sales from my brand-new online course at the end.

Translation: I earned $ 1,500 in just one hour. I felt like I discovered an oasis of youthfulness or some such thing. Since the first webinar, I’ve made $170,000 by selling this online course. And the key to this is, you know, my webinar.

There’s no better method to promote online courses than selling them. The average conversion rate for sales emails is 1 to 2 percent, while webinars usually yield between 10 and 15 percent. So, if there are 100 participants in your live webinar, you’re likely to convert 10 to 15 people to your offering. Some webinars have converted with a 30-40 percent rate for myself.

Whatever the experts say about the decline of online courses, note that their opinions are untrue. I’ve earned more money than I have ever made through my online courses, and I predict that e-learning will be an effective tool for solopreneurs who want to make money by 2021.

Today, I will show you the real magic of my webinar. I’ll walk you through all the tools you’ll need, the format you must adhere to, and how you can successfully close the sale when you finish your hour-long webinar.

Why Webinars Work

In the beginning, you must be aware of the reasons webinars work. Webinars are live online shows where people can sign up to attend electronically. Most often, they consist of a single presenter presenting an element of PowerPoint that teaches viewers something.

In most cases, there’s an advertisement at the end of a book, a course or coaching program, or anything different. Unlike live chat, where you converse with the presenter; you’re simply watching on your screen. You can also comment on the chat box.

Webinars can be highly effective marketing tools since your audience can hear and see your voice. Do you feel closer to a pen-friend or someone who you make video calls with each week? We trust people we hear and see – not always strangers via the web.

Why don’t you make the email to pitch your business? A picture is worth more than a thousand words. What about thirty frames per second during one hour of the web? What if a 1,000-word email could make more sense than being able to listen and watch the same person for an hour in live video calls?

We believe in people more when they can listen to and see them, which makes webinars extremely dangerous.

The Tools I Use for a Good Webinar

WebinarJam ( $499 for the year) The WebinarJam is the software I use to host my webinars. You could test WebinarNinja for just $39 monthly if you want something less expensive. With that, you can have up to 100 attendees live on the stage.

Teachable ( $29 per month for the basic plan) Teachable will be where your school online will be located. But, more importantly, Teachable is where you can accept payments.

Google Slides ( free): I utilize Google Slides to make my presentations. It’s free!

Deadline Funnel ( $49 per month) It is my favorite tool. It creates urgency by placing a countdown clock on your page’s end for sales. It’s simple to combine with the Sales Page of Teachable.

You’ll also require a USB microphone and a webcam so that your audience can view and hear your voice during your presentation. Anything will work. I’ve used a USB for $20 microphone for the past three years. It will suffice.

How To Get People To Sign up for Your Webinar

A quick note here. This blog is focused on the format for a practical webinar. I’ve discussed increasing the number of attendees and webinar sign-ups in a previous blog post. Check it out if you’re looking for some information on this.

The most crucial aspect of a practical webinar is the presentation. I’m sure that most readers will determine how to create the webinar on their own using Webinar Ninja and Webinar Jam – it’s not too complicated by doing a little searching. Let’s look at the best way to design a presentation to help you make thousands of dollars of digital products.

How To Make a Great Webinar Introduction

Each webinar has three elements: The introduction, the major elements, and the pitch to sell. The opening is generally the most straightforward portion.

Three things should be included in each introduction.

Be credible and present yourself as an authority person.

Make your way a gold mine of opportunities that no one has considered.

It is important to remind viewers that they can be successful (use case studies).

I’ll provide you with an example of my webinar on each.

My webinar, “How To Make An Extra $1,000 Per Month On Medium,” discusses how Medium is a game changer for online writers. To build credibility, I spoke about my journey as a Medium writer and how I can have more than 48,000 followers on Medium.

As mentioned earlier, I’ll need to introduce Medium as a wild new business opportunity in the second step. It’s a good thing, it’s. I discuss how the traditional ways of creating blogs using WordPress aren’t easy given the odds against an author and that Medium is much simpler to gain a following because so many users are already reading it.

This is a crucial step. You must ensure that your target audience can experience this shift in their thinking. The more convincingly you can convince them that you are offering this excellent opportunity for everyone to benefit, the easier it is to persuade people in the future.

The last thing you need to do is to demonstrate to anyone watching that you could achieve success. Typically, you’ll add an account of how your student or someone else you know has found success through this “new opportunity.” I’ll share how a friend of mine earned $400 through Medium after three months of posting his blog posts on the site.

Now, the audience is impressed with your work, is intrigued by your “new opportunity,” and is convinced they can succeed, too. In general, a presentation can take about 10 minutes to finish. The slides I have are 28.

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