Are you ready to embrace safety technology to save lives?

Although change can be hard, it is necessary for progress. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace-related deaths have decreased in the last data. This is likely due to the pandemic’s decreased hours worked.

However, it should not be a cost to do business. One death is too many.

The National Safety Council is continuing this trend with a new approach. The Work to Zero initiative aims to help employers understand the benefits of safety technology to save lives. We know that influential organizations adopting safety technology will not happen overnight. That’s why we are here to help.

It is a great place to start assessing your organization’s readiness for adopting safety technology. To help you with this, we have created an Organizational Readiness Assessment for Safety Technology at Work. The assessment involves a series of questions and takes less than five minutes to determine your digital readiness. It follows a five-phase model that includes the following:

  • Observing Passive participation in exploring the use of technology for safety
  • Evaluating proof-of-concept for safety use cases
  • Adopting Investing in safety technologies development and acquisition
  • Integrated: Actively looking for technologies that maximize safety and security
  • Creating Safety Innovations

You have a score. But what now? Our Determining Readiness for Safety Innovation and Industry4.0 report has been released. It walks you through each phase to help you make progress. This report also provides information about digital change barriers and the importance to change management.

There are hundreds of safety technologies that exist today. Employers have seen amazing results from investing in safety technology. This potential is only possible if more organizations are aware of it. Our digital readiness offerings are only the beginning. The Work To Zero website contains reports, recordings of webinars, tools, and other resources.

You can attend the Get to Zero Summit and Expo February 17-18 in Louisville, Kentucky or virtually. This annual event brings EHS professionals and technology vendors together to create a network and discuss safety and emerging technologies. Keep an eye out for information on implementing safety technology in your company and tools to calculate the return.

We have the opportunity to make a significant impact on saving workers’ lives by using technology. This is a significant change for many companies, but it is worth it. NSC supports you in this journey to embrace safety innovations and save lives.

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